Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Step Into My Shoes: Week 1

This week we began Step Into My Shoes (SIMS)! We started out by watching the Introduction video, which you can watch below, if you'd like!

Step into My Shoes from Compassion International on Vimeo.

Then, because we had such fun watching a video with kids, Juanito asked for another. So we watched this really neat video about Compassion's work in El Salvador (this wasn't planned, but I believe in adding and taking away in the moment):

Child Focused from Compassion International on Vimeo.

After watching videos, Juanito and I examined the photo of the family highlighted in SIMS (the family photo can be seen on the map). We then talked about our sponsored child Cissy, and her brother Amos, and how they live in Uganda just like the family in the movie!

Next we carefully examined the map. We found where the family lives, where Cissy lives (Juanito is pointing to the star, which denotes Kampala, Cissy's hometown), and what kinds of animals live in Uganda. Earlier in the day Juanito had been playing with his plastic animals and they joined us for the lesson. Juanito loved that three of his animals (rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and lion) were on the map and that they also live in Uganda!

After our "discussion", we read the memory verse for Steps 1 and 2, Matthew 6:9-13. I think we will just read it each day for the next 5 weeks or so and maybe by then he'll have memorized it. And we took a moment to pray for Cissy and her family. Next, we sang Cree en el Señor Jesús, or Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (from Steve Green's CD…it's in English and in Spanish). And we finished our time by Juanito painting pictures for Cissy and Amos. He also asked to paint for two of his great-grandmas because we're celebrating one of their birthdays tomorrow!

I hope that what I'm doing with Juanito will help you if you want to do this with your own little ones. I will continue to post the videos and links to the resources here in case you want to follow along on your own.

About Hannah Hinojosa...Hannah is a long time Compassion sponsor and writes about her sponsorship journey at Because of Shamim. In addition to being a wife and mother, she is a part-time math professor and loves to read.
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