Friday, October 3, 2014

Letter Highlights

I always love getting letters from our sponsored children, but a few of the letters we received this past month made me smile more than usual.

Here are some highlights...

I'm so happy to have received the birthday gift which you sent to me. I bought a goat. God bless you for that. ~ Mwanzia, Kenya  He bought a goat!!!

Thanks for praying for me an also teaching me how to pray. I love that. I cannot forget to tell you that with the birthday gift you sent to me I bought a goat. I love it. ~ Duncan, Kenya   He bought a goat too!! Mwanzia and Duncan attend the same project. So cool that they both bought goats.

How are you and your family doing? Thank you so much for your sponsorship given to me. I came from Chiangmai and I got to tell my mother about you. She's so glad that I have you as my sponsor. Thank you so much for the birthday gift you sent to me. The project bought me a cake to celebrate with family and friends as well. ~ Orm, Thailand  This was especially touching and meaningful after our awkward day with her earlier this year. It's encouraging to know she appreciates us and our sponsorship, despite being able to show it when we were there.

Today I will tell you about my school. It is big; it has a soccer field and computer center. I receive computer classes there. Now, we are learning windows, excel and power point programs and other programs. In the school, they cook food and we receive rice pudding and bean pupusas (corn tortillas filled with cheese, beans and pork meat). They give us rice. ~ Luis, El Salvador  I love reading specific examples of how Compassion is serving our children. Although Luis says this is at school, he might possible mean the Compassion center. But if it is indeed school, then it's still likely that he's able to attend school because of sponsorship through Compassion. Either way, it's a very practical look into his life and experience right now and I love it!

And now that I have a very artistic daughter, I appreciate the drawings from my sponsored kids so much more. We also received a photo of Jazmin holding the pants and blouse she was able to buy with the birthday money we sent.

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