Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Reads

This past week I've run across several things that are worth sharing with you...

I LOVE these cards and it looks like they have a whole new set with all new designs. A portion of the proceeds from these cards goes toward helping Compassion provide immunizations and critical medical care for children living in poverty.

On the back of each card there is information about's a great way to practically spread the message of Compassion's ministry and support Compassion while doing so. 

by a Mom on a Mission
read and see a very personal account of the disaster in the Philippines

by God's Gal
another personal reflection on the typhoon

by Eilzabeth at Just Following Jesus
this one made my eyes brim with tears

by Lisa at Four Simply Living
an interview with author Nadia Hammond about her new picture book 
Grandpa Kobe helps Amani and Pendo in Tanzania

a website and blog that is cause driven and allows you to choose your cause and get involved using your talents and gifts. I didn't know this existed until this week!

Have a great weekend!

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