Monday, November 18, 2013

What to Write ~ Happy New Year!

It seems like I have done A LOT of letter writing the past few weeks, but there is so much to write about! I wanted to get Christmas letters and cards out, then I wanted to write about Thanksgiving and this weekend I wanted to write a Happy New Year letter.

I decided to make and send a calendar to each of my kids. I found a template that would allow me to add their photo to the top (HERE). I like this template because you can change the color scheme. I know that this calendar is set up for an English speaking person, so I simply explained how it works in the letter I sent.

I found the Happy New Year paper at a garage sale this summer for $ .25 - score! I printed the calendars on card stock to make them a bit sturdier.

There are so many things you could write about when it comes to the New Year.

  1. Do you have traditions for ringing in the new year?
  2. Do you have memories of staying up until midnight as a child?
  3. Do you like to set resolutions? If so, what are some examples?
  4. Do you choose one word to reflect on all year?

Here's what I wrote.....


Happy New Year to you and your family!

How are you? Are you excited to begin a new year? I love beginning a new year.

Each year I set a few goals for myself to accomplish during the year. Some goals are physical (be able to do 20 pushups or run a race), some are spiritual (memorize a book of the Bible), some are educational (learn something new or read a certain book). Whatever they are, they help me get 
the most out of my year and my time.

Another thing I like to do at the beginning of each year is choose a word to focus on and ask God to teach me new things about that word. One year I chose the word LOVE and as I read through 
the Bible I learned so much about God’s love for me and everyone.

This year I’m choosing a special verse to pray for you….Ephesians 3:18
may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ

I made you a calendar for the new year. I know that we make our calendars a bit different here in the US but thought you would still be able to use this. January is our first month and December is our last month. The letters across the top of each month – S M T W T F S – stand for the days of the week starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday. You can see that I marked your 
birthday on the calendar.

I hope you enjoy it and know how much we love you. More importantly, we hope you know how much GOD loves you!
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