Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Visit Compassion

There are a couple different ways you can visit Compassion. One is by going to Compassion's Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

There is a wonderful tour you can take where you will learn about Compassion's history, their model of ministry and where they work. It is very informative and interactive. You will see a model home and learn about what life is like for the child who "lives" there. You will also see the mail room and see sample letters both from sponsors and from kids. Finally, there is a mock Compassion project for you to explore. Each year they change the location that the mock project represents.

Another way to visit Compassion is to visit them in one of the 26 countries where they work. Compassion offers several sponsor tours each year and you can see upcoming trips HERE.

I used to question the value of spending money to go on one of these trips. Wouldn't it be better to use that money to sponsor another child?

Let me tell you...there is NOTHING in the world like holding your sponsored child in your arms and seeing his or her smile with your own eyes. And there is nothing more eye opening that getting a glimpse into the world and culture of your sponsored child.

Walking through poverty with your own two feet will change you forever. You will be broken. You will see things you can never un-see.

You will also see hope. You will see the hope Compassion is bringing to the community where they serve.

You will return home a changed person. Your relationship with your sponsored child will go deeper, as will your relationship with God. You will share your story with others and speak up for the children you met.

It's worth every penny and every sacrifice you have to make to get there.
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