Monday, October 21, 2013

Compassion Share and Tell

I'm joining my friend Yvonne in her new link-up called Compassion Share and Tell...where we share with each other what we have written to our Compassion kids.

I've been busy this weekend!

I wanted to get a regular round of letters out as well as Christmas letters and cards.

For my regular letters, I wrote about fall and how much I love this season. I talked about how my girls like to rake the fallen leaves into a big pile and then jump in it (and I mentioned that I did this, too, when I was a kid). I also talked about our visit to Compassion's global ministry center earlier this month. Finally I ended with a prayer request for my friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

I included photos of my girls and I with the Jesus statue at Compassion's GMC as well as a beautiful, fall tree we saw recently.

For my Christmas letters I used some Christmas paper I had and wrote a very short story about Jesus' birthday.
On the back I photo copied this Christmas word find I found HERE.

I also filled out a Christmas card for each child.

And now I'm off to the post office!
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