Thursday, September 19, 2013

Compassion Sponsorship - {pretty, happy, funny, real}

Every week over at Daily Bread, I participate in a link up called {pretty, happy, funny, real}, hosted by Like Mother, Like Daughter. I'm taking a different approach to {p,h,f,r} today and thought I would also share it here with you. Instead of sharing photos from my week, I'm using the photos from Compassion to share the story of sponsorship using the {p,h,f,r} format.

This month is the official Compassion blogging month and each week we've been given assignments. This week our assignment was to choose one of Compassion's photos and tell a story. The story I'm choosing to tell is that through the ministry of Compassion, I regularly see pretty, happy, funny and real things. 

The children are pretty, happy and funny.

Poverty is real.

Having a sponsor is happy.

Sponsorship works - it's real.

Leading a child and their family to Christ is the most beautiful thing. And happy. And real.


 Thanks to one of my readers, Maria in Colombia has a sponsor!
Grateful for the role God allowed me to play in connecting the two.

Kids will be kids 

There are so many children waiting. 
Some have been waiting more than a year.

Younger children
Older children

Children in Africa
Children in Central and South America
Children in Asia


Sponsorship works...there is research to prove it.

If you feel compelled to step into the life of a child, 
please use the link above to choose a child.
And please let me know. 

All photos are from Compassion International.

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