Monday, July 15, 2013

Mail Call Monday

I love getting letters from our sponsored kids and get especially excited when the envelope feels thicker than usual. Last Friday I had two cream envelopes in my mailbox and one was thick and stiff....

I tore it open to find a family photo of our sponsored child in Indonesia - Jerry. Several months ago I wrote to all our kids and mentioned how I would love to have a photo of their family. I asked, if at all possible, could they send me one. I've received a couple now, and each one is precious to me.

Another favorite part of getting letters is seeing the pictures some of our kids draw for us. We have several talented artists that we sponsor. Both of my girls love drawing, so this is a fun way for them to connect with our sponsored kids.

Lian - age 8 - Colombia

Ruth - age 5 - Bolivia

Luis - age 15 - El Salvador

Josseling - age 16 - Nicaragua

Have you received any letters, photos or drawings from your kids lately?

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