Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pastor Letter from Nicaragua

Here is another pastor letter, filled with information about Compassion center 111 in Nicaragua. My husband was able to visit this particular project and meet our Josseling at the beginning of 2012. The photos I've included are from that visit.

In the letter, he mentions a group of singers that visited....does anyone know who that might be?

Dear sponsors,

God bless you in a special way.

I have the honor to write this letter, my name is Jose Francisco Cadenas Gomez, Pastor of Church "Esmirna" of the Assemblies of God located in Ciudad Sandino, Managua, Nicaragua. Our project is called "Mirra Olor Gragante," where your sponsored, Josseling Dayana Aviles, attends.

Through this letter I want to thank you for being a sponsor. God bless you every day but this feeling that God has placed in your heart to be a blessing in the life of a child who desperately needs help, thanks once again.

I also want to tell you that we are located in a very poor community where parents seek a way to survive and that many parents in the morning go out to sell bread and other work to textiles which are companies with foreign investors and pay cheap labor, but at least a little help to survive and raise their children as possible, children with high needs for food, clothing, shoes and much more.

Ten years ago our project started and the impact has been very successful. The project has always given food that sometimes many of the children do not have, and they used to come to class almost fainting because they have not eaten. They also receive medical care, medications as the doctor's diagnosis, purchasing school uniforms, shoes birthday celebration, Christmas gifts along with a special food, pinatas and prizes. This is a special event for them.

Our vision is well designed for children, helping them go out of poverty and become men and women of good in the future. With God's help I think this generation will be a generation victorious in the name of our Lord Jesus.

We have vision for the community to win souls to Christ through our ministry. God will add every day to those who are to be saved. That is our prayer and we believe God's promises are true and faithful. He will never leave us but will be with us always, to the end of the world.

This year several of our children have met their sponsors and have been very happy with the visit. The sponsors visited the house of their sponsored children. Their families met and shared a fun time together. We also received hundreds of letters from sponsors for their sponsored children, which is a source of great joy to the children.
Josseling, her mother and her sister in front of their home

A very important even was the visit of a group of singers who wanted to know how Compassion worked in projects and the vision of this for every family. In order to provide more advertising sponsors and donors at their concerts, they could make visits to various homes of our children to see the needs they face daily, thus knowing the situations and living conditions of our children. I think this was a great blessing gesture - the children prayed for them. God bless them.

Moreover communication through letters is of great importance both for the child and the sponsor because through these they can meet and feel closer and closer and be friends.
copies of the letters Josseling has written to us

I specially ask your prayers for the children of our project that somehow suffer for God to lift and then move forward and be men and women that are a blessing to their nation, family and community.

I close this letter by saying that we are very grateful for the support you have given. I hope God richly blesses your life and your family.

Jose Francisco Cadenas Gomez

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