Friday, May 24, 2013

Pastor Letter ~ Dominican Republic

Today we received five different pastor letters from Compassion Projects around the world. These letters represent Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Kenya, Nicaragua and Indonesia.

I love these letters as they give so much insight into the church where our sponsored child attends. There is also quite a bit of information about the community and area.

I'll be sharing all five letters eventually, but today I will start with a letter from Nelson Delgado - pastor of "Fuente de Paz" (Spring of Peace) Mennonite Evangelical Church in the Dominican Republic.

Dear Kevin and Jill,  
May the Almighty God fill you with his rich and abundant blessings!
My name is Nelsno Delgado. I'm the pastor of the "Fuente de Paz" (Spring of Peace) Mennonite Evangelical Church and the Integral Development Center, which your sponsored child Yoselin attends.  
This project is located in the souther region of our country, the Dominican Republic.
I'm deeply gratefuy for the support you offer Yoselin through this sponsorship.
Our community is surrounded by mountains, and it's very populated. We have a population of around 25,000 inhabitants. It's a very poor community, since there are not many sources of employment.
Many of the children don't live with their parents, since these ones emigrate to the big cities in order to look for jobs. Many children lack education and health because of their parents' irregularity; this is why we understand this project is a light of hope for our children. We are causing a great impact in our communities' lives in an integral way, helping them to know Jesus Christ through the word of God. We help them to have good health, spread knowledge and regulate their self-esteem.
This project has been of great blessing for the staff that collaborates at the center, reaching a great development level in this way.
We have been able to transform the life of most of the beneficiaries. Our vision regarding the participants is to keep on working in favor o them, to help them come out of their physical, spiritual, cognitive and socio-emotional poverty.
We wish to help our community to get out of their situation of poverty. We will keep on working in favor of our people for this, we will keep on struggling for a good education and to let them know Christ's message. We have trained around 200 people in different courses such as beauty, cookery, kitchen, candles and hairdressing, among others. 
We have received five visits of sponsors on the last year. We carried out two graduations in the Child Survival Program. New young people entered the Leadership Development Program and we have received around 150 letters from sponsors.
Please pray for our congregation so that the Lord gives us the necessary strength in order to keep on working in favor of our community.
I thank you in advance for continuing to be part of our ministry to Yoselin.
Yours, Pastor Nelson Delgado

I read this aloud to my girls and my oldest (age 8) said "It sounds like the church is doing really good things." I have to agree with sounds like God is doing really good work through this church in this community. Join me in praying for them.
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