Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making an Impact - Even When a Life is Cut Short

We received some pretty sad news this morning. A girl we sponsored through another organization (Community Hope School) was killed in a car accident earlier this month. Along with her mom. And her sister was seriously injured and in a coma.

Sadly, I can't seem to find a picture of this sweet, beautiful, Namibian girl.

I'm so thankful Cindy knew Christ as her Saviour. And I'm so thankful God brought her into our lives, even if it was briefly.

It made me think....our sponsorship and our correspondence is making an impact no matter how long these children are part of the program they are in. Even though my heart breaks at the loss of this dear girl, I'm thankful we had the opportunity to speak encouragement into her life. And quite possibly into her family's life.

Unfortunate things happen in life. Families move away from Compassion programs and the local church. Kids are pulled out of programs because the parents or relatives don't want association with Christianity. Older kids are required to quit school and work, thus forcing them to leave the Compassion program. Heartbreak.

And death happens, too. Disease and illness. Accidents. Natural disasters. Heartbreak.

But God can use us, no matter the length of time we have, to impact those brought into our lives. 

I thank God for ministries like Compassion....Community Hope School....World Vision....Children's Hope Chest....and all the other sponsorship organizations out there. I thank God that He uses sponsorship to impact lives all around the world.
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