Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Compassion's New President-Elect

This morning at their weekly chapel service, Compassion announced the new president-elect....

Santiago (Jimmy) Mellado

It was wonderful "meeting" the new CEO and hearing Wess Stafford speak so highly and so enthusiastically about the future of Compassion under this new leadership. He said Jimmy was his pick from the beginning, but Compassion hired a team to find the right fit for a successor. And God led them to Jimmy.

Jimmy has been in a leadership position with Willow Creek Association for the past 20 years. His ministry partner, Bill Hybels, shared a few words with the audience and said..."Your gain is our loss. In other words, it sucks to be us." He also told Compassion they must take care of the Mellado family because "the Chicago mafia knows where you live." It was funny! 

An interesting side note....Jimmy's daughter Elizabeth was featured in last year's Compassion Sunday materials.
Do you remember the story of this Elizabeth sponsoring a little girl named Elizabeth? That particular campaign and story resulted in over 15,000 sponsorships!

If you want to know a little more about this announcement and about Jimmy Mellado, here is a link to an online article announcing the change that will give you more information. And Compassion's blog also has a post up. And here's another link to his bio on Compassion's website. There will be a few months of transition as Wess continues to serve as CEO, but also begins stepping away and letting Jimmy step up.

Will you join me in praying for the Mellado family as they make this transition? 

And for the entire Compassion "family"? 

And for the Stafford family as Wess begins to step away? 

Thank you, Lord, for providing a humble, Godly man to continue the mission and work of Compassion International. May you continue to be glorified through this ministry.

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