Monday, March 25, 2013

Citizen Kid Books

Have you heard of this collection of books from Citizen Kid that help inform children about the world?

The four I particularly like, because they address issues that affect holistic child development are One Hen, Mimi's Village, The Good Garden and One Well.

Mimi's Village and How Basic Health Care Transformed It

  • takes place in western Kenya
  • website   
  • the efforts of this book are in partnership with World Vision, a ministry that has some similarities to Compassion.

One Hen How One Small Load Made a Big Difference 

  • set in western Africa, specifically Ghana
  • website

The Good Garden How One Family Went From Hunger to Having Enough 

  • takes place in Honduras 
  • website

  • covers a wide variety of countries with helpful information like this:

And each book gives factual information that goes beyond the story.

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