Monday, December 31, 2012

December Compassion Joys

Counting all the ways He loves me and blesses me through the ministry of Compassion International

Collecting coins for Compassion at our homeschool Christmas party - 
$100 was raised for mosquito nets!

Happy Birthday Luis! ~ December 4th

sponsor gathering and letter writing night at my church

final letter from Dominic - not lost!
2 additional emails from him

Happy Birthday Ruth! ~ December 18th

letters from Orm, Portia, Rubi and Josseling

receiving Step Into Your Child's World for Ruth in Bolivia

letter from Joylyne's pastor in Kenya

Christmas greetings and cards from Compassion

Gifts of Compassion ~
safe water for a family from Aunt Nancy
Water reserves for 4 Ethiopian children and families from my parents
Donation to Child Survival Program from my husband's parents
my daughter's gift of protection from parasites
a student's gift for unsponsored children

my new Compassion t-shirt

Will you join me in taking a moment to note the Compassion related gifts God has given you this past month? Either share them in the comments, or write a post of your own and link up.

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