Monday, April 30, 2012

Joy Dare - Compassion Style

For those of you familiar with Ann Voskamp, Compassion blogger and national best-selling author, you are also probably aware of the practice of counting your grace gifts.

This past month as I was looking through my list I realized there were many, many Compassion related grace gifts in my journal. I thought it would be fun to list there here and I invite you to do the same.

2010. planning Compassion Sunday

2012. receiving beautiful Kenyan basket from Dominic

2024. advocate gathering in Seattle

2025. connecting with other advocates

2029. meeting Ben Mwangi and hearing his story

2045. reading through all of Dominic's letters

2046. invitation to David's LDP graduation

2047. praying for Compassion Sunday

2048. new photo of Luis

2049. photo of Joseph in new clothes ~ clothes we bought with money we sent

2050. photos of Preeti with gifts we sent

2053. Team Compassion - 15k relay

2062. Compassion Sunday

2065. 6 more kids sponsored

2081. new photos of Jazmin

I'd like to encourage you to keep track of your own "Compassion joys". If you create a list, please link up and add your name below.
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