Friday, November 16, 2012

A Heavy Heart

This week, as you very well know, the Compassion Bloggers are in Peru. These trips are so wonderful because they give us a glimpse into what Compassion is doing in the field. Through the words of very talented bloggers, we are transported to another world and we often fall in love with the children of that country.

I was looking forward to this trip more than past trips, because I have been to Peru. I have seen, with my own eyes, what Compassion looks like in Peru. I look at each photo carefully trying to see if there is anything I recognize.

Earlier this week I read of the the first posts of the trip and was flooded with memories of my own experience. And my days have seemed long this week as I wait for the new posts to make their way into the world wide web and onto my computer screen.

The posts, the stories, the photos....they warms my heart, but the reality also makes my heart heavy. Because there are still so many children who need a sponsor.

Like this beautiful little girl ~ Nayeli Lizzeth.
I know the people at Compassion make sure there are many available children waiting for sponsorship when they do these trips. But more than 1,000 waiting?...That is too many. The official bloggers are doing their best to convey the need and the urgency, but we must also help.

Last night as I was looking to see if there were new posts up from the Compassion Bloggers in Peru, I noticed my friend Patricia had a new post up. She has gone on many of the past blogging trips as co-leader, but this week she is in Burkina Faso with a group of pastors.

I'll be honest with you, I wasn't very excited about reading her post because I don't sponsor any kids in Burkina Faso.

But her post....oh it broke me. And I realized that one of the four child packets I received in the mail today was for a little girl in Burkina Faso.

Nadege Wendnongma

At the bottom of her child packet it says - IMMEDIATE SPONSOR NEEDED.

In Patricia's post she mentions that in the area she was in (Sector 30), there are 3,000 eligible children for Compassion's program....but the local church and Compassion project can only manage 250 kids. The need is so great. Can you imagine having to turn away 2,750 kids who are hungry?

Heavenly Father, have mercy.

Do you have room for one more child? As Patricia asks in her post....can you make another sacrifice so one more child has a chance at hope?

If you are able, or willing, to sponsor either of these girls, please let me know.
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