Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Waiting....

It has been so exciting to watch the children waiting for a sponsor disappear from Compassion's website. Both little girls I chose to pray for are gone....as are many of the kids you have been praying for.

What started out as more than 200 kids (more than 300?) dwindled down to 120.

What started out as more than 15 pages to look through dwindled down to 7.

God is good and faithful to these little ones. I can only imagine the squeals of joy that will be heard throughout Compassion centers around the world as these little ones learn their wait is over.

I sat down here to look through all the children again and noticed Compassion has added a lot more.

A LOT MORE kids are waiting.  427 to be exact.

I can't wait to watch that number dwindle.

Would you take a few minutes to look through them and choose a couple more to pray for? Maybe God is even stirring your heart to sponsor one.

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