Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letter Writing Tip

In my recent conversations with the people at Compassion, they shared a great letter writing tip with me that I want to pass on to you.

If you want to ensure that your sponsored child answers the questions you ask in your letters, doing two simple things seem to work wonders.

Number and highlight your questions.

It doesn't seem to matter what country your child lives in or the age of your child. If you number and highlight your questions, it will significantly increase the chance that your child will address these questions when they write back to you.

Let's face it. Some kids are just going to be better letter writers than others. Some kids need the visual reminder that we are asking them a question and we would like an answer.

I've a got a couple kids that repeatedly seem to ignore my questions so I'm definitely going to give this method a try.

Have you done anything like this in letters you've written?
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