Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Happy Heart

I woke up this morning to the most wonderful surprise.....Fellow Compassion blogger, advocate and friend, Julie has just returned from her trip to Kenya. She was able to spend several hours with Dominic ~ the young man we have sponsored for 11 years.

This is what she had to say....

"Meeting Dominic was priceless. He is such an intelligent, respectful, joyful young man and I will never forget him. He so obviously loves you, your husband and his "sisters" and was beyond delighted to receive a gift from you. He was in awe of everything you sent for him. Even the pens. He kept saying, "Oh my God, oh my God. God loves me. He really loves me." 
This, to me, speaks so loudly of how our sponsorship and letters and love translate into the knowledge that they are cherished by God Himself. And this is kinda the whole goal of partnering with Compassion, don't you think? Everyone that was gathered around to watch him open his gifts had tears in their eyes. 
His mother made a basket for you, which you will see in the photos. I will need your mailing address to send it off to you. Dominic was pretty proud of that basket and so a picture of you with it would make him smile, for sure.
He loved the book you sent...and the watch, which we helped him set." 

And here are some pictures...

My heart is happy and full. My cheeks are wet with tears streaming down them!

I will cherish these forever.

Thank you Julie!
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