Monday, December 26, 2011

Mail Call Monday

I've had quite a letter drought these past couple weeks, but was blessed to receive two letters from David in Peru last week.

I've shared so much about this remarkable young man already, and his new letters contained some inspiration, encouragement and insight that I wanted to pass on to you.

from the first letter....
I feel very happy that part of my story in Compassion can help to encourage other sponsors. Just let them know that sponsoring a child is giving them and their whole family a light of hope in the middle of poverty, focused on our Lord Jesus who blesses us with His love to bless others.

and the second letter...
During these months God has been good to me. I was able to strengthen my spiritual life. I had a time with God, and I could hear His Word in every place I have been in; in my church, in my house, in the LDP workshop, through TV, internet and my devotionals. I was able to share nice moments with my LDP friends in every activity we had like the workshops, camp, fast. We could share our experiences, laugh, pray for each other and above all, we could strengthen our friendship.

I thank God because I could finish my university studies. It is the first step of this long path in my professional formation. I know I will achieve more goals to praise the name of the Lord. Now I am going to get my title degree, and I will do my best to get it and praise the name of the Lord through my career. I am still studying about networks, and I want to specialize in this area. In the future I would like to become an assessor in Cisco professional practices, and I am learning a lot about my career doing the practical work. I continue with my English classes and my goal is to speak English fluently when I finish the program. So, I will study by myself during my spare time. God is good with the people who manage well what He gives us. We just have to work and do our best to keep being blessed, doing everything with our heart and with integrity.

I thank God very much for my whole family, my mother, my sister and my aunt because He has always been with us. He has supported us financially and spiritually. He has given us the necessary to live, and we have never lacked of anything even though we were poor. God has been merciful with us, and there is nothing to pay Him with. We just have to serve Hie and spread His kingdom wherever He takes us. God is good; very good.

To finish this, I want to tell you something quickly. My mom, whom I love and admire for her faith, gave all her savings to the work of God. She bought a piece of land my church needed. I told her, "What if the church did not pay you back, what would you do? They are your savings for the future,"  and she answered me...."I do not care about it because it is for the work of God. I do not care if I am not paid back, but I will be happy because my heart was ready to give to the Lord." I know every person shows his love and faith for the Lord differently. Some people can do things that others can giving everything for spreading the gospel. It is the case of my mom and you as sponsors because you give hope to many people showing the unconditional love of God and spreading the gospel to the ones who need Jesus.

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