Monday, November 28, 2011

Prayer Chain - Christmas Countdown

This is a repost from last year....

With Christmas less than a month away, I thought I would take this week (and maybe next) to share some Christmas ideas and resources that will hopefully encourage and inspire your family's Compassion journey.

This first idea is similar to my prayer cards. For a Christmas "twist", create a countdown chain. I cut out 24 red and green strips of paper.

Then I wrote our Compassion kids' names on them.

Most of us don't have 24 Compassion kids so get creative. Here are some ideas to fill all 24 strips:
  • Pray for your kids more than once (every other day, every week, etc)
  • Pray for the kids you no longer sponsor or correspond with
  • Write out some of the specific areas of focus (find them HERE)
  • Pray for CSP
  • Pray for LDP
  • Pray for unsponsored children - pick out a few from the website and pray for them
  • If you know the family members' names of your sponsored children, pray for them by name
  • Write out specific prayer requests your children have made
  • Pray for the project your child/children attend
  • Pray for the country staff
  • Pray for Compassion leaders
  • Pray Scripture for your child

Then put your chain together. Starting December 1st, take one link off each day and pray specifically for the request written on it. This will take you all the way through Christmas Eve.

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