Monday, November 14, 2011

Bursting With Praise

Last night our church hosted a showing of 58: the film. If you have not seen this film, please go to and request a screening kit. The film challenges, inspires and excites me in this fight to end extreme poverty.

Although 58: is not a film about Compassion, the ministry of Compassion is so beautifully seen throughout the film. Before the viewing, I spoke a bit about the alliance created by ten international ministries, and then pointed out how they would see the work of Compassion in the film. At the bottom of this post I will write out what I said in case you want to use it as a reference for your own showing. After the film, I invited everyone respond. In the lobby I had set up a display....

I had a mosquito net hanging over a cot as a visual demonstration for Bite Back. The little kids loved this and many came and asked what this was for. 

I also had child packets, brochures for CSP and a Safe Water system for people to try.

This is what the water inside the bucket looked like - straight from our rain barrel. It tasted surprisingly good - just like it was out of the tap.

I'm bursting with praise because our church was ready for this message. Within minutes, 5 of the 6 child packets were taken. When I got home, the remaining child was spoken for! We also received donations for 5 mosquito nets and all the Water of Life forms were taken.

6 children. Plus 2 that were sponsored last week.

8 new children have sponsors.'s the script I used.

Welcome to 58:  This initiative, this film is based on the 58th chapter of Isaiah. There is an alliance of 10 international ministries that are behind this initiative. They are considered experts in the fight against poverty around the world. They include: Micah Challenge, Plant With Purpose, Living Water, ECHO, World Relief, Hope International, Food for the Hungry, International Justice Mission, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee and Compassion International.

Is there anyone here tonight that is a representative of one of these ministries? (this allows others to share about their ministry).

I am here tonight as a member of this church, as a member of the body of Christ and as a representative of Compassion International.

This film is not about Compassion International and yet you will see the work of Compassion throughout the film. You will see and hear from Dr. Wess Stafford. He is the CEO of Compassion and also the executive producer of this film.

You will hear the story of the pastor of a church in a Kenyan slum. You will hear how his church is reaching out the children of his community. This is Compassion at work through the local church.

You will hear how expectant mothers, babies and their caregivers in India are receiving education, supplemental nutrition and vocational training. This is Compassion's Child Survival Program.

You will also be introduced to two families in India. Both fathers are bonded laborers in the quarry system. The one father will leave a legacy of bonded labor to his children, their children and their children. The other father is working hard to pay off his debt. He has hope because his daughter is able to go to school and attends a project through her local church that provides her the support she needs to be successful. His wife is also getting vocational training through this project. This is Compassion's sponsorship program.

**************************then we showed the film**********************

Now that you know, what will you do?

Although the message of this film is heavy, I hope you leave here tonight challenged, inspired, excited and hopeful. God is calling us, as a church, to be part of this work and that is exciting!

Before you leave, please take a look in the lobby for some ways to respond. I have children available for sponsorship and for $38 a month you will be put in a one on one relationship with a child. There are brochures for Child Survival Program and for $20 a month you can sponsor one of these programs. For a one time donation of $10 you can provide a mosquito net for a child living in a high risk area for malaria. And although Compassion is not the water expert for this initiative, they have created a safe water system that will provide a lifetime of safe drinking water for a family - this is a one time donation of $55.

As you leave here tonight, I ask you to read the words of Isaiah 58. Meditate of them and pray. Ask God to guide you in a way to respond.

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