Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mosquito Net Drive

As summer is wrapping up and we begin to say goodbye to swimming, gardening and picnics, we also get to say goodbye to our pesky little friends enemies.


Others around the world are not so fortunate. Not only do the mosquitoes not go away, one bite can be deadly.

As I sit here, uncomfortable scratching the few bites I have, I am reminded to be thankful that they are merely annoyances and not life-threatening.

I’ve been inspired to have a mosquito net drive, as we approach the end of summer. Will you join me?

A $10 donation will buy a mosquito net. My own little Orm in Thailand recently wrote to us that with our gift, she was able to buy a mosquito net. I’m so thankful she has protection when she sleeps at night.

To encourage you, I will send you a Compassion bracelet or correspondence kit for each $10 donation you make.


These are not “official” Compassion bracelets…they are just ones my husband had made that say Compassion. This offer is good for one week – through Wednesday, September 7th.

  • Consider purchasing a mosquito net for each of your family members - then each family member can have a bracelet.
  • Consider purchasing some now to give as gifts to your friends/family at Christmas. You can give them the bracelet (or correspondence kit) and tell them you made a donation in their name.
  • Consider purchasing a mosquito net for each sponsored/correspondent child you have (if you have 3 sponsored children, purchase 3 nets)

Make your donation HERE – then let me know (you can send me a copy of the email confirmation to fiddlejill(at)yahoo(dot)com).

Let’s see how many mosquito nets we can buy!




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