Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Too Small to Ignore – Chapter 13


Hi - Gin again! Are you enjoying Too Small To Ignore?

Chapter 13 is SO sweet to me. I grew up in church; I was baptized as an infant and confirmed as a teenager. At our house, mom had a rule - if you didn't go to church, you didn't do anything the rest of the day and had to stay at home while the family had fun. That was her incentive to get us to go. Sometimes, we just didn't care to do anything so it wouldn't matter to us. Needless to say, she had good intentions, but it didn't work. She was mostly just irritated and stayed that way with us all Sunday and sometimes into Monday. All this to say, I have been in church since I was tiny - yet that alone wasn't enough. As an adult, I found myself needing more; knowing it was there and looking for it.

What I love most about Chapter 13 is the reminder of faith. In college, you're taught to question just about everything. It's part of the standard research classes. After enough classes, all of that really starts to sink in - too much so in my opinion! I love that Chapter 13 reminds me to have faith like a child. Too often, I feel like my faith is what Luke describes in chapter 17 verse 6, 'a mustard seed.' It embarrasses me to admit that even to myself, but it's true. I struggle with my faith and it's important that I stay involved in reading my Bible, going to church, and surrounding myself with believers who can encourage me to stay strong in the faith.

Wess shows us several examples of children - I won't go through them as they're broken down into sections. The message of this chapter is ultimately to not discount children in their ability to teach us, but also have faith like a child. After all, we are children of the Lord.

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