Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dream Come True

Last night another long-time dream came true for me. This one is right up there with going on a Compassion trip (which came true for me a year ago).

Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant's Friends tour came to town and Kevin and I got to go. These two artists are favorite's of ours and seeing them in concert together was a great opportunity. We've seen them separately several times. The night was also special because it was Kevin's birthday.

But the dream come true part.....

We got to meet them!

Meeting one of them would have been incredible, but to meet them BOTH - I almost peed my pants! I took the opportunity to prove my dorkiness as a fan (showing them buttons I have from the 1980s of each of them), but also to thank them for their many years of speaking up on behalf of Compassion.

Take a moment to listen to parts of their presentation. I've heard Michael present Compassion before, and it was a joy to hear them present together. The response was great, and although we weren't officially working this concert, Kevin and I helped get new sponsors signed up and answer questions.

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