Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Wendy in Colombia

in Colombia
August 24, 1998

We sponsored Wendy in March 2017 after another of sponsored children left Compassion's program. I chose Wendy because she was older and because she shares a birthday with me.

Wendy lives with her parents (Alquinson and Cecilia) and siblings. Her brother's name is Brandon and her sisters are Luisa and Helen. So far we have received 4 letters. She attends SENA - a national learning service and is studying scenic arts. She also works at a shoe store as a sales cleark.

  • food - rice with chicken, pizza
  • subject - Spanish
  • color - green, blue
  • animal - dog
  • hobby - walking, music, reading
  • sports- soccer, table tennis
  • friends - Valentina, Jesica, Jetry and Cindy

Wendy likes to go to the movies and the mall with friends. She is also happy to spend time with family and take trips with them. She participates in the program's devotional and likes memorizing Bible verses.

In February 2018, we received a letter from Wendy telling us that she was departing from the program because she had given birth to a baby boy. 
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