Thursday, December 21, 2017

My Uniform

It's Dressember and I'm wearing a dress every day during the month of December to raise awareness and funds in the fight against modern day slavery. The first week and a half I wore a different dress each day. Then I got the idea to wear the same black dress every day, but style it differently each day. It was fun and a great challenge in creativity and simplicity, so I offered to got a second week if I got enough donations.

The donations came pouring in, and I've been stretching my creative muscles finding new ways to wear the dress this week.

It's actually been fun, and I've decided to up the ante and wear the dress again next week (I'll definitely take a break from it over the weekend). BUT....I really want to meet and then exceed my fundraising goal. So...for each $50 raised, I'll find a new way to wear this dress. If you can donate $5, $10, $20...any amount, it would greatly be appreciated.

You can find my fundraising page HERE.

Before you go, here's a story....

Years ago my husband heard a news story about the problem of sex trafficking in Thailand. He was so disturbed and moved that when he got home he asked me if Compassion worked in the country of Thailand. I knew they did and we immediately pulled up the Compassion website to find a girl to sponsor there. The first photo to appear was that of Orm....

We sponsored her right then, not even bothering to look at other girls. At the time we had no idea that visiting her and meeting her in person would be part of our future. A few years later we met a family that lived in Thailand and led a mission in Burma. In 2014 our family traveled to visit the Eubank family, and had the opportunity to meet Orm!

When I first heard about Dressember, I couldn't help but think about Orm. I honestly have no idea if she was at risk of being trafficked, but I still wear my dress everyday for her and all the other girls in Thailand. 

Once again, HERE is my fundraising page. Thank you.

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