Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Yulesqui in Nicaragua

in Nicaragua
August 7, 2006

After my trip to Nicaragua in January 2016, I decided that when the opportunity came to add children to our family, I would make an effort to add children from Nicaragua. In November of 2016 we had an opening and I chose to sponsor Yulesqui. So far we have received 21 letters from her.

From what I can tell through letters, she lives with her father, siblings, grandparents, tios, and cousins (her mom lives in Spain).

  • food - rice, beans and cheese
  • color - red and yellow
  • class - Spanish
  • pet - cat
  • Bible character - Jesus
  • book of Bible - Psalms
  • received scholar pack from the project
  • bought clothes and shoes with $ we sent
  • bought umbrell, shirt, shoes, sweets and hair cream
  • celebrated her birthday at the project - broke a pinata and received a gift of clothing


  • Wants to be a lawyer
  • Please pray for mom's health - asked twice
  • wants to learn to play guitar
  • received gift for good behavior
  • celebrated children's day at project
  • friend at the center, Katherine, died
  • saw mom at Christmas - brought gifts, shoes and clothes
  • June 2018 - sick with headaches, tonsilitis and worms - receiving medication
  • accepted Jesus as her personal Savior! her Grandma has too!

"I do not know you personally, but I feel you close. You are part of my family and I love you."

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