Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lian in Colombia

Lian Lee
October 10, 2004

We began sponsoring Lian in October 2009 as an attempt to get my youngest daughter a birthday buddy. The exact date was off, but it was as close as I could get at the time. So far we have received 54 letters from Lian, and you'll see later how much this girl likes to draw.

Lian lives at home with her father, Geovanny, mother, Mayra and sister, Daimy Yuliana. Her parents are not married (never were) and a letter in 2015 indicated that they were separated and no longer living together. In 2016 she wrote that her father doesn't live with them, but does care for them.

Lian's dad, mom, grandpa, aunt and sister

Lian attends CO 660 - Holistic Development Center Crecer, which is located 1 km from her house. At the project she likes learning, snacks, drawing and playing with her friends. She is also taking "imitation jewelry lessons" to make bracelets and necklaces. In Sept 2017 she wrote that she is learning "beauty" as an income generating skill. 

  • color - pink
  • food - arepa with mortadella
  • verse - Psalm 91
  • subject - English / religion / math
  • hero - Jesus
  • animal - dog
  • fruit - plum / grapes
  • sport - basketball / soccer

Miscellaneous info:

  • likes to watch tv
  • uses gas cylinder for cooking
  • loves school
  • likes to draw
  • likes to sing
  • likes to ride bike and play freeze tag
  • March 2013 - building a new house
  • wants to go to Brazil
  • wants to go to Bogota because it's the capital
  • wants to see the sea
  • wants to be a veterinarian / teacher (math and writing) / nurse (2015) / policewoman (2016)
  • learned to make costume jewelry at project
  • shared Zephaniah 3:17 with me (a favorite verse of mine)
  • wants to go to university
  • spends weekends with her dad

Lian with her mom 

I celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. We share the most traditional dishes in my region which are the "hallacas" (traditional Colombian tamal), "natillas" (custard), "bunuelos" (cheese ball) and "masato" (drink made of corn).

One of my biggest wishes is that one day you come to visit me, or I go to visit you, it would be wonderful don't you think?

The letter templates from Colombia are so colorful!

March 2013
I get up at 6am. I attend the project and then do my school homework. I go to school Monday through Friday from 12:10-5:15pm. I go to the project Tues, Wed and Thurs. I go to bed at 8:10 pm. The day of the week I love most is Friday becasue I study the subjects I love most.

Lian posing with some items she received from gift $

"this is my handwriting"

wearing new pink shoes she received from the project

"Thank you for getting me. The Bible verses you send me help me in life." (August 2016)

"Thank you very much for your letters, I always learn something new from you Bible teachings." (March 2017)
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