Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Small Matters

Greg Nettle is the current president of Stadia Global Church Planting,  which is an organization that is committed to making sure that every child has a church. Jimmy Mellado is the current president of Compassion International, a ministry that partners with churches around the world to release children from poverty and development them holistically. These two men, and their organizations, have partnered to help children worldwide, and this is their story.

Children are the focus of this book. Not just children living in poverty, but children in general. According to Greg and Jimmy, ALL children are at risk. If you are a child living in a developing country, then you are at risk for poverty, hunger, disease and more. But if you are a child living in a developed country, you are at risk for obesity, over-indulgence, selfishness and more.

This book will challenge how you think of and view children. It reminds us that our own children are the very most important children in our lives. It challenges churches to view children as the church of today - not the church of tomorrow. It shows us how love transforms lives - both on the receiving and giving ends. It shows us that small matters, and how Jesus started small.

I loved reading the stories of these two men and how God led them to their current positions at Stadia and Compassion. And I'm excited about what God will do through these men and their ministries.

I highly recommend you pick up this book and be encouraged by the message.
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