Monday, October 5, 2015

Duncan in Kenya

Duncan Kitheka
in Kenya

 We first began corresponding with Duncan in March of 2013 have received 20 letters to date. In August 2017, we became his sponsors. He is one of four children and live with his mother, Kawemba (his father has passed away). She is a farmer, loves God and attends church. His siblings are Beatrice, Mwanzia and Jacinta. 

Duncan attends the African Inland Church Ikanga Child Development Center which is located 225 km southeast of Nairobi. (we correspond with another child at the same center - Mwanzia Stephen)

  • bought a goat with birthday money we sent
  • other gifts: plastic chair, plastic table, belt and sweets
  • likes to swim and play football
  • crops they grow: maize, cow peas and green grams
  • wants to be a doctor
"I cannot hide my joy as I say thank you to have you as my sponsor and friend. I am so happy for what you write to me every time. "
"I thank you for the letters you have send to me. They are nice. I have learned the ten commandments and memorized them again and again to stick in my mind." 
"In our country it's too hot and dry. We thank God we had food from our farms sufficient for our family this time. The main crops that are grown are only drought resistant crops." 
"I always pray for you because of supporting me through the project. It provides us with so many things like shoes, school uniform, well balanced diet and paying for our fees." 
"How are you my dear? I cannot hide my joy to have you as my sponsor and my friend. I am so happy for what you write to me every time." 

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