Thursday, May 14, 2015

Compassion Mobile Experience

Over this past weekend, I went to Bolivia and the Philippines...without even leaving California!

How did I do this?

By visiting the Compassion Mobile Experience!

The Compassion Mobile Experience is an incredible way for you and your family to experience life for a child growing up in extreme poverty.

Once you arrive, a Compassion volunteer will set you up with a headset and iPod. As you enter the trailer, you begin the hear a child's story. They share many details about their life, their family, and their own difficulties of growing up in extreme poverty.

As you make your way through the rooms, each child shares about their Compassion experience, key role models that guided them along their path, and how the Gospel changed their life.

At the end of the tour, a video plays showing the child, now grown up! In the video they share what they are doing now, and many of them share how important it was for them to have a sponsor.

Many people take this opportunity to sponsor a child for the first time!

If this looks like something you and your family would like to experience together, be sure to visit the Compassion Mobile Experience web site to find out when they might be in your area.

About Yvonne Reynolds...Yvonne is very active when it comes to sponsorship and advocacy for Compassion. She maintains Compassion's Second Friday Letter Writing Pinterest board. Yvonne is a homeschooling mom who likes to read, bake and take photographs. You can find her blogging at Our Little Corner of the World.

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