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Compassion ABCs: U is for

U is for...


Compassion began its ministry in Uganda in 1980 when the Child Sponsorship Program was started. Currently, more than 83,100 children participate in more than 325 child development centers. In 1999, the Leadership Development Program began, followed by the Child Survival Program in 2006.

Children typically meet at the child development center for 8 hours on Saturday. Older children also meet at the center 3 to 5 days a week during holidays. Because many of the older children (age 12 and up) attend boarding school and are away from home for three months at a time, child development centers often organize a "catch-up" program to meet the needs of these children.
Every child is offered an opportunity to hear the gospel and to confess the lordship of Jesus Christ. Every registered child or youth receives an age-appropriate Bible or scripture portion within one year of registration and again two or three years later.
Each child receives a snack as well as lunch each time he or she attends program activities. A snack might be something like tea, porridge and a bun. Lunch consists of maize, rice or matooke (plantains) with beans, peas or beef.
The child development centers offer weekly extracurricular activities, such as sports, drama and debate. The children also participate in regular service opportunities like work camps, road cleaning, church activities and service to the elderly.
Adolescents receive vocational training in such skills as carpentry, tailoring, crocheting, sewing, knitting and mat making. These skills are offered to give the students opportunities to generate income, which is especially important for those who do not finish high school. The skills offered have been relevant to the Ugandan culture for some time.
Parents can attend monthly classes on adult literacy, quarterly trainings on topics such as hygiene, sanitation, parenting and income-generating activities, and monthly caregivers' meetings for program evaluation. Parents are also represented on the center committees and contribute to the planning and implementation of the program.

To learn more about Compassion's work in Uganda and see children waiting to be sponsored, go HERE

all information for this post was taken from Compassion's website

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