Thursday, May 28, 2015

15 MORE Signs That You Might Be a Crazy Sponsor Parent ~ PART 2

This is a repost from Uwimana Hannah who blogs at The Path of the Carpenter. You can see Part 1 HERE
1.   You hold your wedding outside on a 97 degree day so that it won’t interfere with the timeframe or budget of your already-planned sponsor tour.
2.   You convince your new spouse that a sponsor tour to a third world country can actually count as a honeymoon!
3.   You’re disappointed when you don't receive a letter from your child even when you just heard from them last week.
4.   You devote multiple pages in your scrapbook to your children.
5.   You refer to your parent's sponsored children as your siblings and your parents refer to your sponsored children as their grandkids.
6.   The most exciting part of your day is when the mail truck comes.
7.   Your heart melts when you see a pencil smudge fingerprint on a letter from your child....  and you press your finger to the print to "touch" that child.
8.   You’re constantly on the Compassion Forum to talk about your sponsored children and to hear about others.
9.    You count down the days 'til it's time for a photo update.
10.  You refer to your sponsored children as your kids in public and in private.
11.  You keep looking for and finding kids you want to sponsor on the web site.
12.  You jump down almost a full flight of stairs in your eagerness to open a letter.
13.  You look at your child's weather online and wish you could move to their community because it's warmer/colder there than it is in your city.
14.   You want to name your future child after your sponsored child.
15.   You decide to like washing dishes because your child says their favorite thing to do is wash dishes!

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