Friday, April 24, 2015

the Power of ONE

There is power in ONE.

Do you believe that?

Whether it is one sponsor, one child, one advocate, one presentation or one sacrifice, there is power in ONE.

Here are some random thoughts about the power of one....

I began my sponsorship journey by sponsoring ONE child. I love how Compassion connects one sponsor to one child. Because of this individual connection, a true relationship can develop over time. Although God has allowed me to expand my Compassion family to include many children around the world, sometimes I long for the simplicity of sponsoring one child.

As an advocate, I often want my impact to be huge - resulting in many new sponsorships. But I have learned to be content with planting the seeds. You never know when those seeds might take root and begin to grow. Compassion is releasing children from poverty one child at a time. Making a difference in the life of one child is powerful. You never know the ripple effect that will occur because of that one child.

For some, coming up with the financial support is difficult. You may have to think of ONE sacrifice you can make (coffee, eating out, cable, other subscription?) What is one thing you can go without to help a child rise above poverty?

What are some other thoughts you could add?

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