Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Importance of Letters ~ {part 2}

We have recently received pastor letters from almost all our sponsored and correspondent children. It's been a lot to read through and digest. In fact, I'm still working on the stack. Instead of sharing each letter with you, I thought I'd share what the pastors have to say about letter writing and how it impacts the sponsored children.

In case you missed part 1, you can find it HERE.

from Poungthong Dansongklod ~ pastor of Baan Haeng Kam Rak 2 in Thailand
The relationship that means the most to each sponsored child is that between them and thier sponsor. This relationship is established and grows through writing letters. Of course the financial support is important, but to the children, the real relationship is the most vital. Letters confirm to each child that they are loved by someone far away. This builds their self- esteem and changes their attitude about life and the future. Letters bring with them hope to the children. It is a remarkable thing to see the child's face who receives a letter. There is joy and light in the child's smile. Sadly, not all children hear from their sponsor, and these children are changed in a negative way. They lose desire to continue with the center and feel unhappy that their sponsor does not care enough to write. It is hard to comfort these children. I hope you will recognized the value of your simple words and write to Orm often. 

***the next two letters are from East India and instead of pastors, these are from partners.

from Sheila ~ partner of Ruthvadi Child Development Center in East India
I want to tell you just how important your letters are for your child. Children value the letters that their sponsors write to them because it gives them hope, inspiration and courage during their times of despair. Letters help children to build a deeper relationship with sponsor in a sense of expressing their gratitude. When children receive letters from their sponsors, they gain information and knowledge from the other side of the world. Therefore, we would request you to continue to write to your child as it showers happiness in the life of your child. 

from Pirat ~ partner of Souri Colony Baptist Church in East India
When children receive a letter from their sponsor, they get excited and feel happy. Children consider their sponsor as second parents who fulfill their needs that their parents are unable to meet. Our children are continually keeping relationship with the sponsor through letters. Through these letters, children learn about their sponsor, their country, context and culture. And these letters also help sponsors to learn many things about their sponsored child. 
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