Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meeting Kerlint

Our final home visit was to Kerlint's house. My mom sponsored Kerlint shortly after my husband's trip to Nicaragua three years ago. He is almost a birthday buddy to my oldest daughter, having been born just two days before her. Kerlint is an only child, like my mom, and has a really bubbly personality (also like my mom). He lives with his parents and grandparents. In fact, it was his grandfather who spent the day with us.

Kerlint's grandparents own and operate a small store out of the front room of their home. When we arrived they gave us each a bottle of water from the store.

Kerlint brought our a folder of all the letters and photos my mom has sent him in the past three years. He was so proud of them. Even the stickers she had sent were unused and treasured. It was weird to see photos of myself and my daughters from a couple years ago in his house. I've heard stories where sponsored kids bring out their sponsor's letters to show how much they treasure them, but to have it happen right in front of our eyes was pretty cool.

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