Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mia's Story

Mia's Story by Michael Foreman is a beautiful book that depicts the life of a girl living in poverty. Although the story takes place in Chile which is not a country Compassion works in, you will enjoy the message of this book. 

Foreman's story of a Chilean whose village lies between the city and the mountains begins with his words, "I will never forget the day I met Mia." Like many other villagers, Mia's father harvests scrap metal from the nearby dump and sells it in the city. When Mia's dog Poco disappears one winter day, she rides a horse into the mountains to look for him, gathers some flowering plants she has never seen before, and brings them back to her village, where they change the landscape and her fortunes for the better. A combination of captioned sketches and double-page pictures done in pencils and watercolors provide captivating views of Mia's village and the surrounding countryside as well as Mia, her family, and the animals and plants she cares for. Besides an appealing cover art depicting Mia on horseback, this unusual book offers an engaging story, graceful illustrations, and a rare glimpse of a child's life in contemporary Chile. ~ from Booklist

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