Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My "Twins"

In Crystal's recent post, she talked about creating a birthday buddy billboard. It inspired me to put something together since my youngest daughter and her birthday buddy will be turning 8 this weekend.

We aren't having a party with family or friends coming over, so I'm not sure who will see it, but at least it's a reminder to us that Kayleigh isn't the only one turning 8 this weekend. And who knows, maybe one of my violin students will notice it.

Several years ago I wrote a little book called "Birthday Buddies" for my oldest daughter. In it I tell the tale of two girls - born on the same day into very different situations. I pulled information from the letters Yoselin had written and created a story that showed the relationship that was developing through letter writing.

I should probably update this one and write a completely different one for my younger daughter.

I feel like there is a need for more resources to help our young kids understand the relationship part of sponsorship. Sure...they can experience the letters coming in and going out, but what kid wouldn't love to read a story about themselves?

So...if you are creatively inclined, give it a try and write a story about one of your sponsored kids. I "illustrated" mine with photos and maps. Nothing fancy or complicated. 

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