Monday, February 24, 2014

Links and Opportunitites

One of my happy places is our local library - or any library for that matter. I love walking through the rows of books and seeing what titles grab my attention. When my daughter's were born, building a home library was on the top of my list. I wanted to instill a love of reading and love of learning in them. It seemed logical to me that the best way to do this was to provide plenty of reading material for them.

And libraries (home and public) continue to play a big part in our lives. As homeschoolers, we depend on the library to enrich and supplement our education.

Unfortunately for many kids in the developing world, books are not easy to come by. JD of Compassion Can is raising funds to help build a library (with Compassion Canada) in Ghana. I'd love for you to check out her post with all the details....Building With Books.

Ann Voskamp of Holy Experience was in Guatemala this past week with her family. You don't want to miss her posts...

Sponsor a toddler! Compassion has enrolled toddlers in 3 of their countries (Bolivia, Bangladesh and Rwanda)  for the child development sponsorship program. Check out the adorable children who are waiting for a sponsor HERE.

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