Thursday, January 30, 2014

It Takes Me....It Takes Action

My last two posts have been about the disappointment that can come through sponsorship. Not every experience is successful or turns out to be what we'd hoped for.

This week in Uganda, Shaun Groves witnessed the same thing from a different perspective. In his post This is Not a Success Story, Shaun gives an honest look into a sad situation. Still...there is hope.

As the blogging trip wraps up, there are still quite a few children in Uganda waiting to be sponsored. Compassion set a goal of getting 400 children sponsored as a result of this trip. Right now they are not even half way there.

What will it take?

It takes me and it takes you (and you and you and you....).

I talk a lot about sponsorship and the benefits of it.

But it takes more than talking.

Today as I was driving my kids to and from art class we were listening to the local Christian radio station. They are also highlighting the ministry of Compassion this week. You see, a couple of the radio personalities just got back from Haiti where they witnessed the ministry of Compassion. And they are sharing their stories and singing the praises of sponsorship, in hopes more children are released from poverty.

Haiti and Uganda. Both countries where I don't currently have sponsored children.

I decided on that drive that maybe I needed to sponsor another child. Especially since our LDP commitment has ended.

Haiti or Uganda?

There's a known goal set for the Uganda trip....400 kids sponsored.

In one week I'll be meeting Julian Alum - formerly sponsored child from Uganda.

When I got home I headed to the Compassion blog and read this post from Bri. In it, she quotes Emile Leger. "The time for talking is over."

I decided to follow through on my earlier decision and click on the link to see available children. Before I clicked, I quickly made a pact that I would sponsor the first child I saw. Then I clicked.


My grandma's name was Esther and I've always loved the name. I love the connection.

It also makes me think...for such a time as this...

And so the sponsorship journey continues....another child to love and encourage and pray for.

Welcome to our family, Esther.

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