Monday, August 12, 2013

New Prayer Cards

A couple years ago I made some prayer cards to help my girls learn who our Compassion children are. We have the fortunate problem of having quite a large Compassion family, and it gets overwhelming and confusing to sort every one out sometimes.

The cards were very helpful and used regularly for a while. But like most things, they eventually lost their appeal and were filed away.

Now that we have several new kids in our family and we are creating a special prayer corner in our home, we decided to make a new set of cards.

This set is much simpler than the first set. It's smaller, too. For this set I used pre-cut card stock note cards that found at Target. I taped each child's photo to one side and wrote their name, birthday, country and family member's names so we could also pray for them by name.

This is also a good way for me to organize and realize that I still need this information from some of our kids.

On the back of each card I wrote individual information that the child has revealed to us in letters. For example - how often they attend the Compassion project, what they want to be when they grow up, if they sleep with a mosquito net at night, what their favorite Bible verse is, etc. Again, in doing this, I realized that I know quite a bit about some kids, and not so much about others.

As we receive letters from our kids, we can add specific prayer requests to the backs of these cards so we remember what to pray for.

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