Friday, August 2, 2013

Buy This Land by Chi-Dooh Li ~ A Review and Book Giveaway

In 1982 Chi-Dooh Li had an idea. An idea that, if it worked, would help eliminate poverty in Guatemala. The beginning years of Chi-Dooh Li's life are interesting. He lived in Australia, Taipei, Guatemala and Bogota by age 16. Eventually he became a lawyer and settled in Washington with his wife.

So here you have a Spanish speaking, Chinese lawyer from Seattle with a crazy idea. To make matters more complicated, there was a civil war going on in Guatemala at the time of all this. 

In Buy This Land, Chi-Dooh Li recounts the story and details of saying yes to this idea. What resulted was the formation of Agros. In his own words, here is an early description of Agros...
Agros Foundation was formed as an international Christian relief and development organization designed to help the rural poor in Third-World countries help themselves by providing for individual farm ownership, education, vocational training, and basic services.... Agros would provide funding for land redistribution efforts... coupled with consulting services through local staff.
There were roadblocks and setbacks. There were successes and expansions. Ultimately this is a story of what God can do through you when you say yes to an idea that, by all appearances, seems crazy.

I love any story that involves helping eliminate poverty. Here at Compassion Family we usually focus on the work of Compassion International and releasing children from poverty through child sponsorship. But it's not the only way to fight poverty. It's so encouraging and inspiring to read about ways God has called others to share in this burden and fight against poverty. 

I recieved this book free in exchange for an honest review. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to read it and learn about Agros and the work they are doing in Central America. 

I would love to pass my book on to one of my readers so I'm giving it away! If you are interested, simply leave a comment and I'll announce the winner on Monday, August 5th at noon EST.

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