Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Water of Life - VBS Day 2

I had a couple minutes during the opening session to follow up on last night's challenge and collect any money brought in on day 2. 

I started with the follow up. If you read my Day 1 presentation, you will remember the challenge was to go home and count all the faucets in your home. I brought a quarter for each one and as I dropped each quarter into the water pitcher (what we used to collect the offering), the kids counted. 

Do you know how many faucets I have in my house? TWELVE. That's a little crazy!

After all our classes, we had a finale session and I had 5 minutes to present. 

The topic....FANCY WATER.

I had a grocery tote bag filled with all my fancy water and pulled out one at a time. It went something like this....

I went to the store the other day to buy some water and you will not believe what I found! Not only do we have water coming out of several faucets right inside our homes, we also have all sorts of fancy water that we can buy!

pulls out sparkling water.....If we want fizzy water, we can buy sparkling water! And we can buy it in almost any flavor you can think of.

pulls out vitamin water....If we want to get our daily dose of vitamins, we can buy vitamin water! And we can buy it in almost any flavor you can think of.

pulls out life water.....It looks like this water will give you life! This one comes in different flavors, too.

pulls out Propel water....It says this water will replenish, energize and protect me. Sounds like a good water to drink.

pulls out Smart Water (I found a 1/2 empty bottle of this on the playground during VBS games)... I wonder if Smart Water will make me smart?

I have one water left. I saved the best for last. Any guesses what this might be? 

pulls out Rock Star water....Rock Star!!! Do you think if I drink this I will become a rock star?!?!

I then talked a bit about how we don't really need all this fancy water - we just need clean, safe water to drink. I announced that so far we have raised $151 - almost enough to buy 2 Water of Life systems.

Nightly fact: 93% of the earth's water is salt water and therefore undrinkable. 70% of the earth's surface is covered in water. 

Nightly challenge: Choose 1 faucet in your home to use exclusively for the next 24 hours. If you choose the kitchen sink, then brush your teeth there. If you choose the bathroom sink, then be sure to get your drinking water there.


VBS is awesome!

You are awesome!

Clean, safe drinking water is awesome!!

Fancy water is.....weird.

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