Thursday, June 20, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Most weeks on Daily Bread I join a link up with Like Mother, Like Daughter. It's called {pretty, happy, funny, real} and encourages you to review your week in photos in the categories of pretty, happy, funny and real.

I've used this format once before here at Compassion Family, and decided to do it again this week.


I can't stop looking at this updated photo of our Rubi in India - she's so pretty!

I am just loving the Compassion bloggers trip to Nicaragua. I am enjoying all the posts and stories as they are being shared. I am also loving the pictures that come in through instagram all day long.

I love THIS POST by Shaun Groves. As someone who has always had a heart for adoption, it makes me happy to know that sponsoring children through Compassion is in some ways, adoption prevention.

{NOT funny}
I couldn't think of anything funny for this category, but something that is NOT funny is the image Shaun Groves posted to instagram. Click HERE to see Grocery Store

I have a stack of 19 child packets that expire tomorrow. They are left over from my Compassion Sunday presentation. I'm always so sad when these packets expire and I have to remind myself I was not a failure.

Included in the 19 packets are two from Nicaragua. These two precious kids were born one day apart! If you have been moved by the bloggers trip in Nicaragua and want to sponsor one of these two kids, let me know ASAP and I can get you connected to the child and get the packet to you.

Alicia Lucia Pereira Lopez
March 24, 2004

Medardo Jose Lompedro Solorzano
March 23, 2004

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