Monday, April 22, 2013

Mail Call Monday

We've received a handful of letters in the past couple weeks and each one brings so much joy. We have some wonderfully artistic kids and I had to share their pictures with you.

drawn by Ayon in India - age 14

Orm says....Thank God that your family is fin. I saw the pictures that you were playing sleigh and ski on the snow. It looks cold, white and beautiful. It would be so cold, isn't it?
drawn by Orm in Thailand - age 10

Lian tells us that she goes to the Compassion project on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She says...I would love to tell you that I am very happy because my father and my grandfathers are building a new house for us to live, so finally we will have our own house. I ask you to pray for my parents. They work really hard to build a new house and it looks really nice.
drawn by Lian in Colombia - age 8

Ruth's mom writes....Ruth greets you with lots of love and affection. She thanks God because you are her sponsors. She likes nature and flowers. She gets sad when flowers die. Please pray for children from streets.
drawn by Ruth in Bolivia - age 5

My oldest daughter, Sydney, was thrilled to receive a letter from Yoselin in the Dominican Republic. Earlier this year I called Compassion and had them make Sydney and Kayleigh the official correspondents for their birthday buddies. Whenever they see a Compassion envelope in our mailbox they look to see if it is addressed to them. Yoselin asked Sydney, "What do you do in your free time?"

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from Dominic - our boy in Kenya who graduated last October. We established a connection through email, but the past 4 messages I've sent have gone unanswered. I was afraid we wouldn't hear from him anymore, but we did! His message was so sweet - 
Praise God! I am really very happy for the email messages you have sent to me. In my final letter I sent as a completion letter, I had requested God to make our links strong. He will ever be the SUPREME God for he fulfilled my prayers. You had asked me whether I stay with my family. I have moved to a new place where I have gotten a small job as a laboratory technician. I with to save money and buy a new phone for easy communication. I will attach a recent photo. MAY GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH. 

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