Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Did You Know?

Here's a little history about Compassion Sunday....
  • This year is the 24th official Compassion Sunday event
  • Compassion Sunday used to be an "advocate" event, but in the 4th or 5th year, all sponsors were invited to participate in this annual campaign
  • Last year, 2012, a new type of campaign was launched - a social campaign where sponsors and advocates can create personal pages and advocate via social networks
This year's official Compassion Sunday date is Sunday, April 21st. However, you can hold a Compassion Sunday event on any date. (Mine is June 2nd.)

There are approximately 1,600 registered Compassion Sunday events for 2013.

Compassion is anticipating 10,000+ new sponsorships will result from this year's efforts.

Would you take a moment, right now, to lift up all the Compassion Sunday events that have taken place or will be taking place around the country this year?

You can even say a prayer in the form of a comment if you feel led. (Can't see the comments? Click on the title of this post and you should see them....)

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