Monday, January 7, 2013

Mail Call Monday ~ A Plea for Prayer

Friends, I was so excited to see we had finally received word from our LDP student, Cilia, in Honduras. It has been a while, and we couldn't help but be a bit worried about her.

I won't share the details with you, as I don't believe they are mine to share, but I will ask you to lift up our dear Cilia. It appears she was the victim of some gang activity and has had to be relocated for her safety. This is the first time she has been away from her family and she's missing them. She's involved in a new church and although it's been a good experience, she's missing her normal church.

Another big change for her is that she has recently switched majors from pharmacology to psychology. At the time this letter was written (October), she was very excited and eager to start her new courses. She was also happy to report that her father's health had improved and there seemed to be hope for his future.


The other letters we received this past week were from Preeti, Ruth, Jazmin, Josseling, Rubi and Jerry. It seems this round of letters is in response to my Shine Like Stars letter I sent last June.

Ruth in Bolivia says she "sees many stars at night which are very beautiful, but sadly she doesn't know the music you talk about." 
Jazmin in Peru says, "I want to tell you that I saw many stars shining in the sky. I do not know the song 'This Little Star is Mine". I think I could memorize Philippians 2:14" 
Preeti in India says, "I often see and count the stars in the night, and sometimes I sing songs with happiness. I am very happy to receive your exciting letter. I read your written Bible verse and I memorized it."
Josseling in Nicaragua says, "Thank you for the beautiful letters you have sent me. I haven't memorized Philippians yet but I hope I will. Every single night I go outside and look up to the stars and that makes me feel peaceful."
Rubi in India says, "I have memorized Philippians 2:14."

What a joy it is to get all these responses!

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