Monday, December 10, 2012

Happiest Mail Call Monday

Saturday, there was  an envelope from Compassion in my mailbox. Not the normal, cream-colored envelope that most letters from our children come in...but a white envelope. When I opened it up, I was elated to find the final letter from Dominic!

Last week I posted about this letter being lost, and so many of you prayed it would somehow still find its way to me. I called Compassion again this week, and they confirmed that it did appear lost and that they had contacted Kenya's country office to see if there was a copy. But they also encouraged me to wait and see if it would come.

I might never know the story of where this letter has been, and maybe there is no story, but I am so glad I have received it!

And what a wonderful letter it is...a wonderful illustration of the impact sponsorship has on a life.

Dear Kevin and Jill Foley,
Receive much greetings from child Dominic. It is my hope and prayer that you are also find in Jesus name. I would like to take this opportunity to give my special thanks to you for the years we have known each other. 
Your sponsorship has really made me be exposed to things that I would have never seen or achieved in my life. Indeed through Compassion and your support I was able to successfully complete my primary and secondary education and joined my computer course and I was able to go up to diploma level. Through your support I later joined Kings Medical College for a course in medical laboratory sciences. I have done my certificate examinations and am now waiting for the results.  
For real you are a special friend to me that I will never forget your impact in my life. Through sponsorship I got to know how God is and who he is in my life. Our dearly loving teachers taught us how to pray and read Bible, and I even gained courage to teach other younger children like Jackson Mwaniki Kaari.* We also traveled to other projects for games and seminars. 
I will never forget your special letters you have been writing to me, the special photos, and maps from you. I am glad to have photos of my sisters Sydney and Kayleigh because they will ever be in my heart. 
Life has been smooth with your sponsorship. I pray that it will still be the same without your encouraging letters and photos. My heart is really grateful that we were able to meet and socialize in such a special way. 
I promise that I will ever keep you in my prayers. My relationship with you transformed my whole life in many ways. You have created and formed my foundation because next year I would like to go back to to school for my diploma course. Please pray for me to complete it successfully. May God make you successful in your plans.  
Your child, Dominic Muchangi

*Jackson Mwaniki is the young boy we sponsored this summer who attends the same project as Dominic. I have written to them both, encouraging them to become friends and remain in contact with one another...explaining to Jackson that we sponsored Dominic for 11 years and explaining to Dominic that we would continue to sponsor a child from his same village and project.

Did you receive any letters from your sponsored children this week?

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