Monday, March 26, 2012

Compassion Sunday

There is a buzz in the air these days ~ the buzz of Compassion Sunday

Never heard of it?

Tired of hearing about it?

Either way, let me give you the basics and a few reasons why you should consider signing up.

Compassion Sunday is an annual campaign to spread the word of Compassion. I think it's safe to say it's Compassion's BIGGEST annual campaign.

There is an official date (April 22nd), but you can participate when it works best for you.

There is also a theme of sorts and many, many resources available to you. On the official website you can find many of these resources including:

  • worship song list
  • presentation outline
  • presentation videos
  • testimonial videos
  • promotional videos
  • activities for children
  • sermons
  • poverty facts
  • Bible verses
  • photos of children
  • logos
The website has everything you need and more - it's worth checking out.

So why should you do this?

The thought of standing in front of your congregation might terrify you. The thought of even approaching your pastor to see if you can have Compassion Sunday might terrify you. 

First.....PRAY. Ask God to give you the courage and words. He has made it clear in the Scriptures that we are to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. If He has put this on your heart, He will make a way for it. 

I speak from experience when I say I have given lousy Compassion Sunday presentations. I nervously mumbled my way through some sort of presentation and had no response. It's ok. God doesn't ask us to make sure we speak perfectly and get lots of kids sponsored. He just asks us to speak up - to do something - to put some action to our faith. 

We all have a story and it's such a blessing to share that story with other. It's never too late to begin thinking about a Compassion Sunday presentation. And there are so many within Compassion and within the advocate network that will help you prepare and hold you up in prayer. 

If you do have a Compassion Sunday presentation scheduled, I'd love to know so I can add you to my prayer list. Will you leave a comment letting me know?

And will you pray for my presentation on April 22nd? It's the first time I'm doing a CS at my church and I'm very excited. 

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